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Doris Egan’s Gate of Ivory coverIvory Series was written more than 2 (two!!) decades ago, but it’s still so fantastic. It’s a cross between rustic fantasy and space opera. Fans of Catherine Asaro and Lois Bujold will appreciate this trilogy. However, the way things ended left a lot of room to write a sequel. Sadly… after so many years, book 4 is unlikely to ever be written, never-mind published.

Where’s the news, you ask? These are quotes from Doris Egan’s blog. Here’s what she had/has planned plotwise:

As for the Ivory books, there are no present plans to continue them, but you never know — they were very much the books of my youth, but sometimes writers circle ’round and return to the place they started, in a different way. (I find myself tempted to sprinkle a few spoilers for the fourth Ivory book; does it count as spoilers if the book is hypothetical? No? Then I can tell you that it would open several years later; that Ran and Theodora have two children, one adopted and one biological — I know! — and that Stereth is ready to initiate his coup and take over the throne. Which neither of our heroes wants to be involved with, and probably wouldn’t be involved with, if only Kylla hadn’t — okay, that part I probably should keep to myself. (You never know.)

She explains she has no time to novel due to stupid TV (well, OK – maybe it’s not stupid TV but it’s certainly notIvory Egan Cover as cool as the next Ivory book would be:

The plain fact is, I have about a dozen books stacked up in my inner airport, waiting for takeoff — and I long to write them. The trouble is, I also long to write more scripts for House, and to create my own television shows, if anyone is fool enough to let me, and to maybe throw in a couple of film scripts along the way. I keep shoving some of these plates back along the table, trying to make space for novels — not to mention a life of any kind — but television has a way of sucking up every scrap of time, plus extra hours taken from sleep. If you visit Los Angeles and see the occasional group of zombies blinking at the light and shuffling blankly toward a parking lot? Those are television writers. Don’t be put off; simply give them dark glasses and a soft place to nap for an hour, and they will be as newborn kittens in your hands.

If anyone has new news on Egan’s noveling plans, please comment, or contact. Otherwise, dig-in to your nearest vat of rocky road and cry with me while we re-read Ivory for the millionth time as a way of mourning no book 4.